Pictou-Caribou-Wood Islands Service

Marine Atlantic, its predecessor CN Marine, and pre-confederation Newfoundland coastal boats have a strong and proud history serving the people of Atlantic Canada through ferry terminals, passenger vessels and rail service.

In this week’s blog posting we highlight the Pictou-Caribou-Wood Islands ferry service, which played a significant role in connecting Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island dating back to the 1800s.

A strategic connection between Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, the Pictou-Caribou-Wood Islands ferry service has served the people of both provinces, as well as thousands of tourists for over 100 years. From vessel technologies to customer preferences, this service has experienced significant change through the decades. While Marine Atlantic and its predecessors’ historical attachment to the service ended years ago, the connection is an important part of our Corporate history and remains a strategic piece of tourism infrastructure in Atlantic Canada.

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