Glad You Asked

From booking to boarding, payment options to our pet policy, find the answers here.
If you have a question that’s not answered here, please let us know. Contact us, or call 1-800-341-7981 (toll free) or directly at 1-902-794-5254. See you on board!


Are reservations required?

No, but they are strongly recommended. They make it easier for us to accommodate your travel plans, and they secure your sailing and accommodations.

How do I make a reservation?

Book online or call 1-800-341-7981 (toll free) or directly at 1-902-794-5254.

When should I make my reservation?

As early as possible. The sooner you make a reservation, the more likely it is your preferred sailing times and accommodations are available.

How can I make a payment? 

We accept all major credit cards, Visa Debit, and prepaid credit cards. Reservations can also be made in person at any of our terminals and paid for with cash or debit card.

I need to change or cancel my reservation. What are my options?

If your plans change, please call us at 1-800-341-7981 as soon as possible. If you change or cancel your reservation (including your booking, vehicle, and/or accommodations) within 48 hours of your scheduled departure time, there is a $25.00 modification fee. All amendments made to reservations are subject to rates at time of change.

Do you offer any discounts? 

We offer Special Fares for group bookings of 25 or more passengers. To make a group booking please contact us at 1-800-341-7981
We also offer a Canadian Forces Appreciation discount. Veterans and serving members (and up to three companions travelling with them) enjoy free passenger fare on the North Sydney - Port aux Basques crossing, and a 50% discount on the North Sydney - Argentia crossing. For more information, please see Special Fares.

Why do I need to provide my phone number and email?

If there’s a change or delay to the sailing schedule, we need to let you know as early as possible. All personal information collected and used is protected under the Federal Privacy Act.

Why do I need to provide my license plate? What if I take a different vehicle? 

Providing your license plate number while booking is optional, but it must be provided during check-in. If you plan to use a different vehicle, please notify us as soon as possible at 1-800-341-7981 to update your reservation.


When should I arrive?

Passengers with reservations must be checked-in at least two hours before the vessel’s scheduled sailing time. To prevent congestion while loading and unloading the vessels, we ask that you do not show up more than 4 hours in advance.

What do I need to check in?

For each individual on your reservation, you will need your reservation number and one piece of government-issued photo identification, or two pieces of government-issued identification without a photo. Your boarding cards will be given to you upon check in. For more information on identification requirements, please see Travelling with Children.

Are there designated pet areas at your terminals?

Yes. If you remove your pet from your vehicle, they must be leashed at all times. Please view our Pet Policy for more information.

Onboard Amenities

When should I reserve a cabin?

To secure accommodations, we recommend you book a cabin when making your reservation.

Which forms of payment do you accept on your vessels?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and cash.

Does Marine Atlantic offer automated teller machine service?

Yes. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are available at all three of our terminals. The communities around our terminals also offer a selection of banks and ATMs. We accept credit and debit cards on our vessels, but due to limited cash on hand, cashiers do not provide cash back.


When does boarding begin?

Boarding typically begins 90-120 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Passengers will be notified and asked to return to their vehicles when boarding is about to begin.

What do I need to board?

You must provide the traffic director with your boarding pass, which will be scanned. We recommend you keep your boarding pass with you at all times.

I need to park in an accessible area on board the vessel vehicle deck. Do your vessels provide accessible parking?

Yes, all of our vessels have accessible parking. Once you check in, please notify the ticket clerk. Please view information about vessel loading for more information about accessible parking.

In which sequence will I board?

The boarding sequence is determined by a specific daily traffic plan for each crossing. We cannot guarantee priority during vessel loading or unloading due to load demands and operational procedures. View more information on Loading and Unloading.

Once I’m on board, what should I take with me?

Before leaving your vehicle, make sure to take any items you may need during the crossing such as warm clothing or medications. You will not be able to visit the vehicle deck until the vessel reaches port.

How do I know where I parked my vehicle on the vessel?

Each deck is clearly marked, and a Marine Atlantic employee will greet you when you exit the vehicle deck. If unsure, please inquire which deck you are on. We also advise that you make note of the deck you have parked on.


I noticed property damage to my vehicle, what do I do?

If you notice any damage to your personal property, please immediately notify a staff member before leaving Marine Atlantic property.

Can I bring a rental car on board?

Yes. You must provide the license plate number when you check in.

Can I send my vehicle on board if I’m not a passenger? 

Yes. We offer a commercial we-load service, whereby a Marine Atlantic employee will load the vehicle on/off the vessel. Please contact our Reservations team toll-free at 1-800-341-7981 for full details.

Do you have any tips for maintaining my car battery?

While waiting in your vehicle, if you are using electronic devices such as DVD players, video games, or plug-in coolers, make sure to start your engine periodically. Also, please make sure everything, including headlights, are turned off before you leave your vehicle. 

What criteria is used to assign my vehicle as a commercial related vehicle?

Vehicles are designated as either passenger or commercial based on the unit size and type. Neither the purpose of travel, vehicle registration, license plates nor vehicle signage are used as determining factors. Should you have questions regarding the classification of a specific vehicle, please contact us prior to travel. This will help ensure a smooth check-in process at the terminal.


Is there a doctor on board?

No, Marine Atlantic does not have a doctor on staff. On the Argentia sailings, we do have trained medical staff.

Do you sell any medications?

We sell a wide variety of over-the-counter medications, including ginger Gravol.

What’s the best footwear to bring on board?

In the interest of safety, we ask passengers to wear comfortable, flat shoes on our vehicle decks—no heels, open toes, Croc-style shoes or flip-flops, please.

Is your service available in other languages?

Marine Atlantic is pleased to provide our passengers with service in both English and French. Bilingual employees wear an identifying badge for your convenience.

What is Marine Atlantic’s policy on bereavement or pre-bereavement travel?

If you are travelling due to a pending or recent death in your family, please call us at 1-800-341-7981. We understand travel during these times can be difficult and we will work to ensure you are on the next available passenger sailing. Confirmation of the need for travel may be requested from the attending health care provider or funeral director. This can be sent from an organizational email address or on official letterhead to [email protected].

Can I travel with livestock?

Yes. We consider livestock to be animals, in any number, which are not domesticated household pets, including cattle, horses, sheep, swine, goats, mules, poultry, etc. Please click here for more details on travelling with livestock.

I lost/found something, what should I do?

Marine Atlantic is not responsible for any lost or found items. In the event an item is lost or found, please call 1-902-794-5731 and we will do our best to help.

Are there designated smoking areas on the vessels?

Yes. Marine Atlantic has designated smoking areas on each vessel.  Please click here for information on Marine Atlantic’s Cannabis Policy. 

- Ala’suinu: Deck 7
- Blue Puttees: Deck 7
- Highlanders: Deck 7
- Leif Ericson:  Deck 5

What is Marine Atlantic’s policy regarding the use of cannabis?

Marine Atlantic prohibits the recreational use of cannabis on its property, at its terminals and on board its vessels. 

Customers who self-identify and provide appropriate medical authorization/documentation may self-medicate in the designated smoking areas on board our vessels and terminal grounds. For those customers who do not have the appropriate documentation, the use of cannabis will be denied. For more information about the requirements, please see Medical Cannabis.

How do I advertise with Marine Atlantic?

While we do not accept printed materials on board our vessels for a variety of logistical reasons, we do accept brochures in our terminals, provided permission has been granted. Please contact us at [email protected] or see Advertise with Us for more details.

Delays and Cancellations

My trip was delayed or cancelled due to weather, what will Marine Atlantic do?

Unfortunately, weather can interrupt travel plans. In the event of weather delaying or cancelling a crossing, we will notify you of the change and book you on the next available sailing. During the delay we will communicate all information in a timely manner.

My trip was delayed due to mechanical reasons, what should I do?

If your crossing has been delayed, Marine Atlantic will contact you to advise of the delay. In the event of a mechanical delay over five hours, we will provide you with a complimentary meal at the next conventional meal period.

My trip was cancelled due to mechanical reasons, what should I do?

For passenger traffic:

In the event your scheduled crossing is cancelled for mechanical reasons, we will notify you of the cancellation and book you on the next available crossing or provide you with a refund. If your crossing has been cancelled and you are not booked on a crossing within a 13-hour period, we will book you on the next available crossing and provide you with a voucher toward future travel. Vouchers are valid for one year and are non-transferable. In the event you are not able to travel on the next available crossing, we will provide you with a refund. 

For commercial traffic:

In the event a crossing has been cancelled for mechanical reasons, we will notify you of this cancellation. If you had a premium reservation, we will refund your premium portion and book you on the next available crossing. For commercial traffic without a premium reservation, we will transfer the queue to the next available crossing.

I’m on board and my arrival is delayed, what will Marine Atlantic do for me?

If you are on board and your crossing is delayed for an extended period due to mechanical concerns, we will provide you with a light snack or complimentary meal. 

My vessel has been changed, will I lose my reservation?

In the event of a vessel change, we will transfer your reservation to the new vessel. Reservations will be transferred according to time of booking. If your reservation is changed, Marine Atlantic will contact you. Cabins and reserved seating are not guaranteed in the event of a vessel change.


Why does Marine Atlantic have a fuel surcharge? How is it determined?

Marine Atlantic, like other transportation providers, has a fuel surcharge to help offset costs associated with diesel fuel. Factors taken into consideration when setting our fuel surcharge, include our sailing schedule, the availability of fuel suppliers, and fuel purchase price.

From a sailing schedule perspective, we develop our schedule and look at traditional vessel fuel usage to determine the anticipated fuel consumption for the upcoming year. Given that we purchase large volumes of fuel at one time and place it in our storage tanks, we have more price certainty for a defined period of time.

Marine Atlantic uses a fuel hedging program to reduce the risk of price volatility. This allows fixed prices to be negotiated in advance to provide more certainty for budgetary planning purposes. This approach also protects customers against unpredictable price swings and having to adjust the fuel surcharge multiple times per year.


I have an allergy, what do I do?

If you have allergy concerns, please let us know when making a reservation so any necessary arrangements can be made. Passengers should carry their own allergy medication.

Since our vessels are open to the public, we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment on board. Passengers may carry food items that could cause allergic reactions in others. Marine Atlantic serves and sells products containing various ingredients that could be allergens for some passengers. Peanut products are not sold in our vending machines. Animals regularly travel on our service, and trained service animals have access to all areas of our vessels and terminal facilities.

Travelling With Pets

Can I bring my pet?

Yes! There are three different options for bringing your furry friend onboard. Learn more about our options for travelling with pets.

Are there designated pet areas at your terminals?

Yes. If you remove your pet from your vehicle, they must be leashed or in a pet carrier at all times. Please view our Pet Policy for more information.

Support Persons & Animals

We get by with a little help from our friends. A person with a disability can request to travel with a support person, a certified service animal, or an emotional support animal.

Accessible Services

We want your journey to be a safe and enjoyable one, that’s why our staff is trained to accommodate the needs of all passengers and we’re happy to offer a variety of assistance on board.


Adjustable beds, modified electrical controls, safety grab bars. These are just a few of the accessibility features in our cabins, so passengers with reduced mobility can travel in complete comfort.