Final Crossing of the Atlantic Vision

When many of us think about the vessels in our fleet, we think about the connection they create between the Island of Newfoundland and the Province of Nova Scotia. Our fleet, both past and present, has become part of our stories. They’re where we met new friends and where we began new adventures.  The Atlantic Vision is one of the many vessels that has shaped our experiences.

Joining our fleet in 2009, the Atlantic Vision quickly became an integral part of our fleet. Servicing both our Argentia and Port aux Basques routes, the Atlantic Vision supported the travel of our passengers and commercial partners for 15 years.

Given its name through a contest, the Atlantic Vision proved to be a vessel for our communities. During its many crossings, the Atlantic Vision connected our provinces, and created communities amongst our crew and passengers.

Since joining our fleet, the Atlantic Vision has provided customers and employees with a quality and reliable service, and has allowed our organization to expand our offerings. The Atlantic Vision was the first vessel in our fleet to offer pet-friendly cabins, which has provided passengers with the exciting opportunity to travel with their pet by their side.

On March 15, 2024, the Atlantic Vision will embark on its final sailing for our service, leaving Port aux Basques at 1145am for the last time. We thank the many vessel and shore- based employees, past and present, who have served and supported the Atlantic Vision. We would also like to thank our passengers for letting us and the Atlantic Vision be part of their journey.

Marine Atlantic "Atlantic Vision" Ferry on the water
Marine Atlantic "Atlantic Vision" Ferry on the water