Accessibility Feedback Process

Updated December 2023

Our feedback process

At Marine Atlantic, we’re committed to providing the highest level of service. This means our staff is trained to accommodate the needs of all passengers and we’re happy to offer many types of assistance to persons with disabilities to make all journeys safe and enjoyable.

As a federally-regulated marine transportation service provider, Marine Atlantic is subject to various Government of Canada acts and regulations, including the Accessible Canada Act and the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations, which have the goal of removing barriers to transportation and employment for persons with disabilities.

We continually look for ways to develop and improve services and workplaces for individuals with disabilities and appreciate feedback that helps us make our service even better. Feedback can be provided through various means outlined below, either anonymously or with your name and contact information to receive a response.

The Manager of Customer Relationships is the designated position that reviews and responds to accessibility-related feedback on behalf of the Corporation, collaborating with other parts of the organization as required.

A description of this process is available in alternative formats including print, large print, braille, and audio. Alternative formats can be requested through any of the contact methods listed below as well as through a web request for available documents at Alternative formats will be provided as soon as feasible after a request is received – within 15 days for print and large print formats and within 45 days for braille and audio formats.

Feedback methods


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Relay Services

Dial 9050 within the app
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