Wayne Stacey

Wayne Stacey says he was never a lover of the sea, but that didn’t keep him from having a career with Marine Atlantic that spanned over 35 years.

Wayne is a resident of Port aux Basques and started working with Marine Atlantic, known as CN Marine at the time, in 1980. Over the years he has held many different positions, sailed on many different Marine Atlantic ships, and grew to consider his fellow co-workers family.

He started in the engine room as assistant (ERA), where he was responsible for cleaning the engine room of the ships. He also worked as an Assistant Chief Steward, as well as in the catering department, with the cleaning crew, and as cashier in the onboard gift shop. Wayne finished his career with Marine Atlantic as store keeper, organizing food and bringing it onboard the ships.

Among the times that stand out from his years with Marine Atlantic include his French training.

“It was a two year program,” says Wayne. “I even got to travel to St. Pierre as part of the training.”

He says he knew very little French before starting, besides an introduction. Once completing the training, Wayne made bilingual announcements onboard the ships for 3 years.

Wayne enjoyed his time working in the gift shop, being one of the faces of the organization that greeted thousands of passengers a year.

“I remember one sailing in which we had a survivor of the Holocaust on board,” said Wayne. “He came into the gift shop and I was able to shake his hand.”

Over the years, he sailed on over 11 Marine Atlantic ships. He retired only last year, in August 2015.

“One of the things I miss the most about Marine Atlantic is the crew,” says Wayne. “They become your second family while you’re on those ships.”