Travelling with Marine Atlantic this Holiday Season

There’s no place like home for the holidays. But chaotic pre-holiday travel might have you wishing you had stayed home alone. Much like stores and airports, Marine Atlantic experiences a holiday rush. With students hurrying home after the end of their semester, people travelling for the holidays, and commercial vehicles carrying the gift that was at the top of your wish list, our terminals can be very busy during the holiday season. 
Here are some tips for travelling with Marine Atlantic this holiday season so your travel day can be merry and bright.

Don’t Accidentally Wrap Your Essentials

While you may be trying to tie the perfect bow on the gifts you’re giving, we suggest that passengers pack a bag of essentials that you’ll need during your crossing. Since your vehicle may be packed with gifts for your family and friends, packing a travel bag means that once you board the ferry, you’ll have the things you need ready to go. We suggest keeping it in a convenient spot so you can grab your item and go. 
Suggested items to pack include: 

  • Identification 
  • Medications 
  • Toiletries
  • Your phone, laptop, or tablet and respective chargers
  • A change of clothes if you’re travelling overnight

Some of Your Surprises May Need to Stay Home

Bringing fireworks with you on your crossing for the big New Year’s party? Unfortunately, they won’t be able to make the crossing with you. Fireworks are classified as dangerous goods and require special transportation provisions. 

Click here to learn more about travelling with dangerous goods.

Stay on the Nice List 

The guidelines we share with you before and during your travels are designed to provide you with the smoothest travel day possible – and might help you get on Santa’s nice list. Make sure you check-in at-least two hours before your scheduled sailing and listen carefully to the instructions given before you board, while you’re onboard, and while you’re disembarking. 

Prepare Backup Holiday Plans

We don’t always get what we want for the holidays. The highly coveted gift at the top of your list might not make its way under the tree this year (but we’re sure a fresh pair of socks will). Much like holiday gifts, we don’t always get the forecasts we hope for during the holiday season. Delays and cancellations may put a damper on your plans. While travelling during holidays in the winter months, make sure you have a backup plan to be prepared for any potential delays or cancellations.

On behalf of all of us at Marine Atlantic, we wish you a safe, happy and healthy holiday season wherever your travels may take you.