An RV Road Trip to Newfoundland

Brooke and her husband Buddy are full-time RVers who love to explore new locations. This summer, they are taking an RV road trip through Atlantic Canada – including a month in Newfoundland. They share their stories and photos on their blog,

Our summer RV road trip to Atlantic Canada was initially set to end in Nova Scotia. However, when we realized we could take our home-on-wheels to Newfoundland, we couldn’t resist exploring the rugged beauty of this unique island.

After spending a week touring Nova Scotia’s famed Cabot Trail, we headed for North Sydney to catch our ferry ride to Newfoundland. Impressed with how organized the check-in process was, we waited anxiously in our RV to board. So many adventures were awaiting us across the water! And it was even better that we could bring our cat along for the ride with no hassle – we just cracked a few windows and she napped safely in the RV.

Once on board, we were excited to explore the ferry. The cozy sitting areas overlooking the vast ocean, restaurant and snack area, made us much more relaxed about the 7-hour crossing. But having a cabin of our own made the voyage even more enjoyable!

After taking some photos, we were able to lock all of our heavy camera gear safely in our room while we got some food. And we loved the room even more when it was nap time! We even had a tv with multiple channel options, our own washroom with a shower, and a small window to look for whales. This added comfort was well worth the additional cost.

Once docked at the colorful town of Port aux Basques, we set off to our first stop in Newfoundland. As we drove to Pirate’s Haven ATV-Friendly Campground, we admired how the setting sun highlighted the beautiful landscape. We had no idea the next day’s ATV adventure would take us to the top of the nearby hills and down to the beach. Newfoundland had already stolen our hearts and we hadn’t even come close to getting to know this wonderful place – with its rich culture, stunning nature, and the nicest people we’ve ever met.

Where we stopped for lunch on our ATV adventure with Pirate’s Haven.

We are so thankful to Marine Atlantic for providing such a comfortable and easy way to continue our RV road trip to this area of Atlantic Canada. What a shame it would have been to miss it!

Tips for a great RV trip to Newfoundland:

  • Fill up your propane tank before you go – it is difficult to find this service on the island. But, the Canadian Tire next to the North Sydney ferry terminal offers it.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the terminal, since you must be there at least two hours before departure.
  • Remember that you will have to turn off your propane tank before boarding the ship, so plan accordingly if your fridge runs on propane.
  • Before leaving any pets inside, make sure they have plenty of food and water. And don’t forget to crack a few windows for ventilation.
  • If you are planning to eat at the on-board restaurant, check the hours first. It may not be open during your entire crossing, so you may need to plan around that.
  • Schedule plenty of time to enjoy Newfoundland – there is so much to see! We recommend at least two weeks, but you could spend months exploring.