National Women’s History Month

October is Canada’s National Women’s History Month. During this month, Canadians celebrate and highlight the contributions of women pioneers to historical events and contemporary society. This year, in honour of National Women’s History Month, Marine Atlantic is sharing the accomplishments of Captain Molly Kool.

Molly Kool was born on February 23, 1916, in Alma, New Brunswick. With a sea captain as a father, her love of the water began at a young age. After learning the skills of a sailor, she attended school and obtained her Mate’s license in 1937 and her Master Mariner’s Certificate in 1939 making her the first woman in North America to become a ship’s Captain, and only the second woman in the world to obtain that title. While Molly faced challenges, including attitudes in a male-dominated industry, she was recognized as a skilled mariner and gained the respect of her peers until her retirement.

In 2018, the Canadian Coast Guard named a new icebreaking ship in her honour, the CCGS Captain Molly Kool, recognizing the efforts of a trailblazing female who helped pave the way for the many women who followed in her footsteps.

Marine Atlantic salutes Captain Molly Kool and all of the skilled and talented females that make our workplaces stronger each and every day.

National Womens History Month