A cup of tea and a yarn with Beulah and Gordon

Hi there, it’s Ashley! I’m the gal that responds to the tweets, Instagram posts, YouTube and blog comments you send us.

Typically I post our blogs, I haven’t written one before. But I couldn’t help myself with this story….I have to tell you about Beulah and Gordon Morgan, my new friends.

My initial contact with Beulah and Gordon, of Seal Cove, Newfoundland, was through a lovely letter they sent us. They had travelled on the ferry 72 times and wanted to let us know what lovely experiences they’ve had. Little did I know at the time that their story was so beautiful and such an adventure!

When I first spoke with Beulah, I knew we needed to get her on camera. She was kind, colourful, salt of the earth, a true Newfoundlander, and her mannerisms cracked me up. She was gold.

Beulah and Gordon have been married for over 50 years; they’ve travelled to every province in Canada, 37 states, and 9 countries in Europe. In total they’ve road-tripped their way clocking over 177,000 miles together in a car….and they’re still married!

Not only are Beulah and Gordon expert travellers, they record their road trips in a way that allows them to recall details of the trips in an almost comical fashion. As you’ll see Beulah comment in the video below, “We saw a hitchhiker on crutches, strange isn’t it?”

Beulah keeps a book for each road trip they go on and they are savvy travellers. They do not mess around with GPS navigation, they go old school using maps instead. Don’t talk about credit cards or “plastic stuff” as Beulah calls it….they use money.

As I sat with the Morgans listening to them recount all of the trips they’ve taken over the years, it’s like they took me back in time with them. It was beautiful to see how much fun they’ve had over the years, the incredible places they’ve gone, the characters they’ve met and the friends they’ve made along the way.

A slogan we often use at Marine Atlantic is “Every Journey Matters”, and Beulah and Gordon Morgan truly embody this. It’s the journey that matters to them and they aren’t done yet, their next road trip is just a couple of weeks away!

So grab a cup of tea and meet Beulah and Gordon Morgan: