If you have a question that’s not answered here, please let us know. Contact us, or call 1-800-341-7981 (toll free) or directly at 1-902-794-5254.

Can I have wheel spikes on my truck?

Wheel spikes that are pointed and protrude past the edge of the tire rim are not permitted at our terminal properties or onboard vessels as they create safety concerns given close vehicle spacing and required access paths. Drivers are asked to remove these types of lug nut covers prior to entering terminal properties. 

Lug nut covers that are rounded and/or don’t protrude past the tire or rim are permitted.

Can my cab or engine heater run during the crossing?

No, due to an increased risk of fire, all bunk and cab heaters, as well as engine heaters or chargers, must be turned off while the unit is on board. Any timers or thermostats must be turned off or set so that they will not come on at any point during the crossing.

What is a commercial berth?

A commercial berth is a single bunk in a double occupancy cabin that may be purchased by commercial drivers. Based on availability, drivers may opt to upgrade to a single occupancy cabin for an additional fee.

I need time for my air pressure to build before moving. Should I start my truck early for unloading?

No, to limit fumes on our decks, please do not start vehicle engines until indicated to do so by a member of our staff. They will provide sufficient time for air to build up before requiring you to move.

Are there any shipping requirements for units travelling as drop trailers?

Yes. Units with king pins must ensure the pin is a minimum of 3'8" from the ground to allow our loading equipment to connect. Units must also have a braking system or wheel chocks to prevent movement during hook up. We also accept units with pintle hitches and standard sizes of ball hitches. 

We will reach out to the contact identified on the booking should we encounter any issues with the safe loading of your unit. 

For more information on units with specialized requirements, please contact us in advance of travel.