Automatic Schedule and Advisory Updates for Commercial Customers

As part of Marine Atlantic’s ongoing efforts to improve digital access to information and an enhanced travel experience for our commercial customers, our website team will be implementing changes that will allow commercial customers to receive automatic notices when a travel advisory is posted, through an opt-in feature.

Currently, customers with a reservation receive an e-mail or text message updating any advisories that may impact their travel plans. This process does not include those without reservations including commercial customers, company owners, dispatchers and others who may have an interest in schedule updates as part of their logistical planning. While travel advisories are available on the website, there was no ability to push direct messages to non-reserved customers who may be impacted.

Through these upgrades, interested individuals can visit Marine Atlantic’s website and opt in to subscribe and receive travel advisory updates as they are posted. The subscription form will be available on the travel advisory section of the website effective November 30. The subscription form allows users to select the type of advisories they would like to receive updates from, including Potential Impact Advisories, Schedule Impact Advisories, Vessel Change Advisories, Commercial Advisories – such as the addition of new sailing and mode changes - and General Service/ Operational Advisories.

Once an individual opts in and receives the update messages, there is also an ability to unsubscribe from future updates if they no longer want to receive additional information.

We thank you for using Marine Atlantic and encourage you to share this feature with anyone who may be interested in receiving the latest advisories and information related to Marine Atlantic’s upcoming sailings and schedule.