Like a Sunset Over Signal Hill, These Sailings Won’t Last Long

Summer in Atlantic Canada offers something for everyone. There's nothing like feeling a warm ocean breeze as you kayak along the rugged coast of the Avalon Peninsula, the feeling of sand between your toes as you stroll the beaches of Nova Scotia and PEI, all while enjoying the laughs shared with friends and family.  But just like a sunset over Signal Hill, the sought-after Argentia crossings won't last long.

So don’t miss out. Book your Argentia Crossing today, only 90 minutes from St. John's!

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North Sydney, NS <-> Argentia, NL

Distance: 518 km, 280 nautical miles
Duration: Approximately 16.5 hours
Average Vessel Speed17 knots = 20 mi/h = 31 km/h
When: Mid-June to late September, up to three times per week

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