• Pets

    OPTION 1: Transport Pet in Vehicle

    You may leave your pet in your vehicle for the duration of the crossing. This is the recommended option for most dogs and cats. (Please visit the FAQ section to determine if this option is best for you and your pet.)

    If you choose this option, we ask that you notify us upon check in. You should also request a ‘Pet On Board’ card for display in your vehicle window (See sample below).    This card will identify your vehicle as having a pet inside and will assist us during the boarding process.

    Pet Card - Small 

    For the safety and security of our passengers, no one is permitted on the vehicle deck during the crossing. Therefore, you are not permitted to visit your pet until the vessel has arrived in port. 

    The Port aux Basques-North Sydney ferry service has a sailing duration of approximately 6 to 8 hours, while the Argentia-North Sydney route is 14 to 16 hours. Due to the length of the Argentia crossing, pet owners are strongly urged to cross on the Port aux Basques ferry service. However, should you decide to travel on the Argentia route, pet owners are responsible for judging if Option #1 is best suited for their pet. You may also want to consider Option #2.