Marine Atlantic announces implementation of a security fee as part of rate structure for 2012 season

Marine Atlantic's Vice President of Customer Experience, Don Barnes, today released the Corporation's rate structure for 2012. This year's rate structure includes the introduction of a new $3.50 security fee to recoup some of the costs associated with security initiatives such as inspections, personnel and infrastructure. These ongoing investments are required to meet Canada's Domestic Ferry Security Regulations. The new security fee will be included on a passenger ticket after February 12, and will be charged on adult fares.

"Heightened security is a reality in today's transportation industry. In 2010, stronger regulations governing our operations were introduced and we have continuously made investments to strengthen our security initiatives," said Mr. Barnes. "The introduction of a new security fee is necessary to ensure we continue to provide safe and secure facilities for our customers and employees."

Barnes noted that Marine Atlantic has worked to keep the new security fee as affordable as possible and the $3.50 rate is lower than security fees charged to airline travellers.

As part of Marine Atlantic's 2012 general rate structure, tariff rates will increase by 4 per cent over 2011 fares, and the drop trailer management fee for commercial customers will increase by $50. Onboard services, such as accommodations and food, will increase between 3 and 4 per cent on average, reflecting inflationary increases in the cost of materials, labour, and supplies. There is no change to the fuel surcharge.

"Increasing rates is never an easy decision, and we have implemented the smallest increases possible to keep up with the rising costs of materials, supplies and labour that are driven by external economic factors. We are committed to sustaining the improvements that have been made to our service and will continue our focus on strengthening our customers' experience and value for money while travelling with Marine Atlantic."

The new rate structure will be effective January 13 for travel after February 12. The updated rate structure can be viewed in its entirety at


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