Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that’s not answered here, please let us know. Contact us via e-mail at [email protected], or call 1-800-341-7981 (toll free).

Will I still get the discount if I am not travelling in a car?

Yes, this discount is available to foot passengers.

Are cabins included in the promotion?

No, this promotion is only applicable to passenger and passenger-related vehicle fares.

Will all travellers on a reservation get the discount?

Yes, all passengers making a reservation that meet the campaign criteria can avail of the discount.

Do ATVs, Motorhomes, travel trailers and motorcycles qualify for the discount?

Yes, all passenger-related vehicles qualify for the discount.

What happens if I want to change my reservation?

Tickets booked under the promotion are refundable. Any changes to the departure date/time are subject to the current change process.

What happens if I change my reservation to a date after October 31?

Any reservations that are changed to a date after the discount period of October 31 will be required to pay the difference between the discount fare and regular fare.

Can I combine promotions: e.g. military discount, group tour discount?

This discount cannot be combined with other offers.

What happens if my sailing is cancelled or disrupted and I cannot travel on the date I booked?

If a cancellation or disruption occurs, Marine Atlantic will contact passengers as per normal policy and re-book on the next available sailing at no additional charge.

If there is a schedule change, can I amend my booking if the new time doesn’t work for me?

If you are re-booked due to a Marine Atlantic schedule change, you can make amendments to a date of your choosing within the promotional period.

What if a weather or mechanical delay pushes the next available sailing past October 31?

Customers who have booked under the discount code and have reserved travel prior to October 31 will still have the ability to use their reservation on the next crossing following the weather/mechanical delay.