Marine Atlantic Initiates Plans to Return to Normal Operations

On Monday, November 29, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador released an update on repairs to the Trans Canada Highway on the southwest coast of Newfoundland announcing it is expected the highway will reopen later this week.

As a result, we are initiating plans to return to normal operations via the port of Port aux Basques. To prevent significant traffic congestion on the southwest coast and to provide commercial drivers with the opportunity to focus on safety on the highway and their well-being, we are implementing a temporary virtual waitlist for commercial units preparing to travel on the Port aux Basques route.

Commercial units travelling North Sydney to Port aux Basques service

Commercial customers planning to travel via North Sydney to Port aux Basques, please be advised there will be no change to process and procedure currently in place.

Demobilizing Argentia service

Commercial units checked in at our Argentia facility by 17:00 (NST) on Tuesday, November 30, will either travel via this service or may transfer their sequence in line to the Port aux Basques service if they prefer.

All other commercial units requiring transportation via Marine Atlantic are advised to plan for transportation via the Port aux Basques route. The Argentia terminal will remain in operation until all units are transported and drop trailers are collected.

Virtual waitlist for commercial units travelling via the Port aux Basques to North Sydney service

This temporary measure will begin Tuesday, November 30 at 07:30(NST) and be in place until the end of business (23:30 NST) on Thursday, December 2. We will re-evaluate, if required by changing circumstances. Transportation of priority items will continue to be a consideration as we return to regular operations.

Commercial customers may make no more than 5 bookings per call by contacting 1-800-341-7981. At the time of the call the following information must be provided:

  1. Contact information to call back
  2. Unit number of trailers for CDT or of truck for CTT
  3. Contents of load (if applicable, advise if reefer will be on or off)

Process for commercial customers using the virtual waitlist for Port aux Basques – North Sydney service

Our goal is to provide all commercial customers with an equitable opportunity to avail of this virtual waitlist, therefore:

  • No switching of units allowed (a booking will be cancelled and a new sequence provided for the new unit). Switching between CTT and CDT will be permitted.
  • No payment taken – payment accepted at the gate.
  • Units arriving at the gate without sequence will be issued sequence at gate and directed off lot. Units should NOT arrive at the terminal until they are called.
  • Units will be given at least 3 hours notice to be at the terminal once called back.
  • Call backs not guaranteed to be on next sailing; only indicates lot space available.
  • Units not arriving at terminal within 8 hours of being called back will have their sequence cancelled (after hours call backs will be given additional grace).

Impending adverse weather

Current forecasts are indicating the potential for significant rainfall on the southwest coast of Newfoundland over the next 24 hours. Should this result in additional impacts to the Trans Canada Highway, we will provide further updates on this plan.

Also, current forecasts are predicting high winds and seas states that will further impact schedules throughout the week. Please visit the travel advisory section of the website for updates to the sailing information.

Thank you to all our commercial customers for your continued patience and support during this interruption.

Darrell Gallant
Vice President, Operations