Commercial Customer Information

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and change daily. As such, Marine Atlantic is working with health care professionals to make operational and procedural changes to protect the health and safety of our passengers and employees

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Marine Atlantic giving priority to certain shipments, like food and medical supplies?

Yes, loads carrying the following items will be given priority:

  • Fresh fish and meats
  • Perishable produce
  • Medical supplies, including pharmaceuticals
  • Live products
  • Food (dry provisions)
  • Milk and dairy products

Non-priority loads are being shipped in sequence order as capacity allows.

Units carrying anything on the priority list will be loaded in sequence order, as far as operationally feasible. The load manifest taken at ticketing upon arrival at the terminal will confirm the load matches the priority list. No advance notice is required.

This protocol will remain in place throughout our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information, please visit: IMPLEMENTATION OF LOAD PRIORITIES DURING COVID-19

Is Marine Atlantic accepting premium bookings?

The premium booking service has been suspended until further notice. 

Is Marine Atlantic accepting we-load units?

Based on an amended process, Marine Atlantic will accept we-load units for transport. Marine Atlantic defines a we-load as a vehicle that requires a staff member to enter the cab of the vehicle and drive it onto the vessel. This does not include drop trailers or any other towable vehicles.

Customers should note the following process for booking we-load units:

  • Customers will be required to make a reservation for the vehicle.
    • There will be no additional charge for reserving.
    • There will be a limit of 3 reservations per sailing.
  • The shipping customer must check in at the terminal 3 hours before the scheduled sailing time and remain with the vehicle until it is loaded.
    • Shipping customer must drive the vehicle onto the vessel during loading.
    • The shuttle bus service will return the customer to the terminal.
  • The receiving customer must drive the vehicle off of the vessel during unloading.
    • The customer must be at the terminal by the time the vessel docks.
    • The customer must sign out the vehicle at the terminal before proceeding to the vessel.
    • The shuttle bus service will transport the customer from the terminal to the vessel.
  • External towing services will remove any units from the vessel if there is no receiving driver available to unload it at the required time.
    • Customers are responsible for any tow service fees.
Are commercial drivers sharing cabins?

To provide for social distancing throughout the vessel for our commercial customers, Marine Atlantic is providing drivers with access to a single occupancy cabin during the crossing if they purchased a berth.

We also increased the number of reserved cabins for commercial customers to 45 per crossing. Drivers will not pay any additional fees for the single accommodations.

Once available cabins are exhausted, commercial drivers will be given the option to load without accommodations or wait for the next crossing where accommodations are available.

Will commercial drivers undergo any extra screening before the crossing?

Yes, commercial customers will be screened at the time of check-in to determine their suitability to travel. Any passengers showing potential signs of COVID-19 (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or sore throat) will be denied passage.