Article 8 of MARPOL

Reports on incidents involving harmful substances

  1. A report of an incident shall be made without delay to the fullest extent possible in accordance with the provisions of Protocol I to the present Convention.

  2. Each Party to the Convention shall:

    1. make all arrangements necessary for an appropriate officer or agency to receive and process all reports on incidents; and

    2. notify the Organization with complete details of such arrangements for circulation to other Parties and Member States of the Organization.

  3. Whenever a Party receives a report under the provisions of the present article, that Party shall relay the report without delay to:

    1. the Administration of the ship involved; and

    2. any other State which may be affected.

  4. Each Party to the Convention undertakes to issue instructions to its maritime inspection vessels and aircraft and to other appropriate services, to report to its authorities any incident referred to in Protocol I to the present Convention. That Party shall, if it considers it appropriate, report accordingly to the Organization and to any other party concerned.

Protocol I to MARPOL