This instruction applies to new and used batteries assigned to UN Nos. 2794, 2795 or 3028.

The following packagings are authorized, provided the general provisions of 4.1.1, except, and 4.1.3 are met, except that packagings need not conform to the provisions of part 6:

  1. Rigid outer packagings;

  2. Wooden slatted crates;

  3. Pallets.

Used storage batteries may also be transported loose in stainless steel or plastics battery boxes capable of containing any free liquid.

Additional requirements:

  1. Batteries shall be protected against short circuits.

  2. Batteries stacked shall be adequately secured in tiers separated by a layer of non-conductive material.

  3. Battery terminals shall not support the mass of other superimposed elements.

  4. Batteries shall be packaged or secured to prevent inadvertent movement.

  5. For UN Nos. 2794 and 2795, batteries shall be capable of passing a tilt test at an angle of 45° with no spillage of liquid.