This instruction applies to UN 3468.
  1. For metal hydride storage systems, the general packing requirements of shall be met.

  2. Only pressure receptacles not exceeding 150 litres in water capacity and having a maximum developed pressure not exceeding 25 MPa are covered by this packing instruction.

  3. Metal hydride storage systems meeting the applicable requirements for the construction and testing of pressure receptacles containing gas of chapter 6.2 are authorized for the transport of hydrogen only.

  4. When steel pressure receptacles or composite pressure receptacles with steel liners are used, only those bearing the "H" mark, in accordance with, shall be used.

  5. Metal hydride storage systems shall meet the service conditions, design criteria, rated capacity, type tests, batch tests, routine tests, test pressure, rated charging pressure and provisions for pressure relief devices for transportable metal hydride storage systems specified in ISO 16111:2008 and their conformity and approval shall be assessed in accordance with

  6. Metal hydride storage systems shall be filled with hydrogen at a pressure not exceeding the rated charging pressure shown in the permanent mark on the system as specified by ISO 16111:2008.

  7. The periodic test requirements for a metal hydride storage system shall be in accordance with ISO 16111:2008 and carried out in accordance with, and the interval between periodic inspections shall not exceed five years.