This instruction applies to UN Nos. 3528, 3529 and 3530.

If the engine or machinery is constructed and designed so that the means of containment containing the dangerous goods affords adequate protection, an outer packaging is not required. Dangerous goods in engines or machinery shall otherwise be packed in outer packagings constructed of suitable material, and of adequate strength and design in relation to the packaging capacity and its intended use, and meeting the applicable requirements of, or they shall be fixed in such a way that they will not become loose during normal conditions of transport, e.g. in cradles or crates or other handling devices.

In addition, the manner in which means of containment are contained within the engine or machinery, shall be such that under normal conditions of transport, damage to the means of containment containing the dangerous goods is prevented; and in the event of damage to the means of containment containing liquid dangerous goods, no leakage of the dangerous goods from the engine or machinery is possible (a leakproof liner may be used to satisfy this requirement).

Means of containment containing dangerous goods shall be so installed, secured or cushioned as to prevent their breakage or leakage and so as to control their movement within the engine or machinery during normal conditions of transport. Cushioning material shall not react dangerously with the content of the means of containment. Any leakage of the contents shall not substantially impair the protective properties of the cushioning material.

Additional requirement:

Other dangerous goods (e.g. batteries, fire extinguishers, compressed gas accumulators or safety devices) required for the functioning or safe operation of the engine or machinery shall be securely mounted in the engine or machine.