Dangerous goods shall be placed in suitable outer packagings. The packagings shall meet the provisions of,,, and 4.1.3 and be so designed that they meet the construction provisions of 6.1.4. Outer packagings constructed of suitable material, and of adequate strength and design in relation to the packaging capacity and its intended use, shall be used. Where this packing instruction is used for the transport of articles or inner packagings of combination packagings, the packaging shall be designed and constructed to prevent inadvertent discharge of articles during normal conditions of transport.

Special packing provisions:

For UN 2800, batteries shall be protected from short circuit within the packagings.
For UN 2037, packages shall not exceed 55kg net mass for fibreboard packagings or 125kg net mass for other packagings
For UN 1845, packagings shall be designed and constructed to permit the release of carbon dioxide gas to prevent a build-up of pressure that could rupture the packagings.
For UN Nos 1327, 1364, 1365, 1856 and 3360, transport as bales is authorized.
For UN Nos 1363, 1386, 1408 and 2793, any sift-proof, tearproof receptacle may be used.
UN Nos 2857 and 3358 may be transported unpackaged, in crates or in appropriate overpacks.
For UN 3506, sealed inner liners or bags of strong leak-proof and puncture resistant material impervious to mercury which will prevent escape of the substance from the package irrespective of the position of the package shall be used.
For UN 1044, large fire extinguishers may also be transported unpackaged provided that the requirements of to are met, the valves are protected by one of the methods in accordance with to and other equipment mounted on the fire extinguisher is protected to prevent accidental activation. For the purpose of this special packing provision, "large fire extinguishers" means fire extinguishers as described in subparagraphs .3 to .5 of special provision 225 of chapter 3.3.
For UN Nos. 1408 and 2793 flexible, fibreboard or wooden packagings shall be sift-proof and water-resistant or shall be fitted with a sift-proof and water-resistant liner.