This instruction applies to UN No. 1950.

The following large packagings are authorized for aerosols, provided that the general provisions of 4.1.1 and 4.1.3 are met:

Rigid large packagings conforming to the packing group II performance level, made of:

  • steel (50A);
  • aluminium (50B);
  • metal other than steel or aluminium (50N);
  • rigid plastics (50H);
  • natural wood (50C);
  • plywood (50D);
  • reconstituted wood (50F);
  • rigid fibreboard (50G).

Special packing provision:

The large packagings shall be designed and constructed to prevent dangerous movement of the aerosols and inadvertent discharge during normal conditions of transport. For waste aerosols transported in accordance with special provision 327, the large packagings shall have a means of retaining any free liquid that might escape during transport, e.g. absorbent material. The large packagings shall be adequately ventilated to prevent the creation of a flammable atmosphere and the build-up of pressure.