General comments Wear suitable protective clothing and self-contained breathing apparatus.
Avoid handling leaking or damaged packages or keep handling to a minimum.
Inform the public health, veterinary or other competent authority if persons or the marine environment might have been exposed. A competent authority to which actual or suspected leakage is reported should notify the authorities of any countries in which the goods may have been handled, including countries of transit.
Radio for expert ADVICE.
Notify consignor / consignee.
Spillage on deck Packages (small spillage) Stop leak if practicable.
Collect potentially contaminated packages or equipment. Isolate and sheet over.
Wash spillage or residues overboard with copious quantities of water. Keep clear of effluent.
Clean contaminated area thoroughly using bleach-like products (like Sodium hypochlorite 1-6% solution or Javel water). Keep clear of effluent.
Cargo Transport Units (large spillage)
Spillage under deck Packages (small spillage) Do not enter space.
Cargo Transport Units (large spillage)
Special cases:

Spillage Schedule Sierra

Spillage Schedule Uniform