General comments Wear suitable protective clothing and self-contained breathing apparatus.
Contact of substance (or vapour) with eyes may cause blindness within minutes.
Avoid all sources of ignition (e.g. naked lights, unprotected light bulbs, electric handtools, friction). Wear non-sparking footwear.
Stop leak if practicable.
Substances covered by this schedule are liable to explode by exposure to heat or ignition.
In case of smoke evolution, see appropriate FIRE SCHEDULE.
Radio for expert ADVICE or contact manufacturer.
Spillage on deck Packages (small spillage) Wash overboard with copious quantities of water. Keep clear of effluent.
Collect damaged or leaking receptacles and dispose of overboard.
Handle with care.
Cargo Transport Units (large spillage)
Spillage under deck Packages (small spillage) Not applicable. According to the IMDG Code, under deck stowage not allowed. Radio for expert ADVICE.
Cargo Transport Units (large spillage)
Special cases:

Spillage Schedule Quebec

Spillage Schedule Sierra