General comments Cargoes in tanks exposed to heat may explode suddenly in or after a fire situation by a Boiling Liquid-Expanding Vapour Explosion (BLEVE). Keep tanks cool with copious quantities of water.
Fight fire from a protected position from as far away as possible.
Stop leakage or close open valve if practicable.
Flames may be invisible.
Cargo on fire on deck Packages Create water spray from as many hoses as possible.
Cargo Transport Units Cool burning transport units and nearby cargo exposed to the fire with copious quantities of water.
Cargo on fire under deck Stop ventilation and close hatches.
Use cargo space fixed fire-extinguishing system. If this is not available, create water spray using copious quantities of water.
Cargo exposed to fire If practicable, remove or jettison packages which are likely to be involved in the fire. Otherwise, keep cool for several hours using water.
Special cases:
UN 1162, UN 1250, UN 1298, UN 1717, UN 2985 Cargoes will create hydrochloric acid in contact with water: stay away from effluent.

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