General comments Gases in closed tanks exposed to heat may explode suddenly in or after a fire situation by a Boiling Liquid - Expanding Vapour Explosion (BLEVE). Heated or ruptured cylinders may rocket.
Gases listed under this schedule are non-flammable. However, some gases will support combustion though not flammable itself.
Fire may produce leakages. Most gases allocated to this schedule are hazardous to health. Some are corrosive. Create water spray.
Identify the source of the fire and take appropriate action.
Cargo on fire on deck Packages Use copious quantities of water from as many hoses as possible.
Cargo Transport Units
Cargo on fire under deck Use fixed fire-extinguishing system.
Cargo exposed to fire If practicable, remove or jettison packages which are likely to be involved in the fire. Otherwise, cool for several hours using water.
Heated or ruptured cylinders may rocket.
Special cases:
UN 1003, UN 1070, UN 1072, UN 1073, UN 2201, UN 3156, UN 3157, UN 3513, UN 3515, UN 3518 Although these cargoes are non-flammable, they will intensify the fire.

Fire Schedule Bravo

Fire Schedule Delta