Substance Details
Classification information
(1)UN Number
(2)Proper Shipping Name
CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE MIXTURE, DRY, CORROSIVE with more than 10% but not more than 39% available chlorine
(3)Class or division
(4)Subsidiary risks
8 P
(5)Packing group
(6)Special provisions
(7a)Limited quantities
5 kg
(7b)Excepted quantities
Packing Information
(8)Packing instructions
(9)Packing provisions
(10)IBC Instructions
(11)IBC Provisions
(13)Tank instructions
(14)Tank provisions
Stowage and Segregation Information
(16a)Stowage and handling
Category: D
Protected from sources of heat.
Cargo transport units shall be shaded from direct sunlight. Packages in cargo transport units shall be stowed so as to allow for adequate air circulation throughout the cargo.
Stow "separated from" acids.
Stow "separated from" ammonium compounds.
Stow "separated from" cyanides.
Stow "separated from" liquid organic substances.
Stow "separated from" peroxides.
Properties and Observations

White or yellowish corrosive solid (powder, granules or tablets) with chlorine-like odour. Soluble in water. May cause fire in contact with organic material or ammonium compounds. Substances are liable to exothermic decomposition at elevated temperatures. This condition may lead to fire or explosion. Decomposition can be initiated by heat or by impurities (e.g., powdered metals (iron, manganese, cobalt, magnesium) and their compounds). Liable to heat slowly. Reacts with acids, evolving chlorine, an irritating, corrosive and toxic gas. In the presence of moisture, corrosive to most metals. Causes burns to skin, eyes and mucous membranes.

Package labels and marks
5.1 8 Marine Pollutant mark This marine pollutant mark is not required when the single or inner packagings have:
  • a net quantity of 5 L or less for liquids; or
  • a net mass of 5 kg or less for solids.
For marking and labelling of packages, including IBCs see section 5.2.