Substance Details
Classification information
(1)UN Number
(2)Proper Shipping Name
RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL, TYPE B(U) PACKAGE, non fissile or fissile-excepted
(3)Class or division
(4)Subsidiary risks
(5)Packing group
(6)Special provisions
(7a)Limited quantities
(7b)Excepted quantities
Packing Information
(8)Packing instructions
(9)Packing provisions
(10)IBC Instructions
(11)IBC Provisions
(13)Tank instructions
(14)Tank provisions
Stowage and Segregation Information
(16a)Stowage and handling
Category: A
Taking account of any supplementary requirements specified in the transport documents.
Properties and Observations

See 1.5.1. For ships transporting an INF cargo as defined in regulation VII/14 of the SOLAS Convention, 1974, as amended, refer also to the INF Code.

Package labels and marks
7A or 7B or 7C
For marking and labelling of packages, including IBCs see section 5.2.